SME Consultancy Services Grant Scheme

This Grant Scheme provides you with a maximum grant of €4,000 for external consultancy services. This is equivalent to 80% of the total project cost with the other 20% (€1,000) to be financed by the private enterprise. The scheme provides for the funding of the obligatory Business Plan which needs to be submitted with all Business Enhance Grant Scheme applications forms. It also finances consultancy services required by companies who do not have the necessary in-house expertise to carry out assessments and evaluations of their operations and of processes and systems to gauge the potential to undertake investments aimed at future business growth and increasing competitiveness. The grant scheme also finances the implementation of a Feasibility Study.

There is a maximum of €1m available under this grant scheme and it is managed through an open rolling call i.e. applications may be submitted at any point in time as long as the grant scheme remains open for applications. There are periodical cut-off dates.