Simpler 2021-2027? Verifications

Simplification measures in 2021-2027: Financial management - irregularities, eligibility, revenue generation, major projects, publicity and other

Simpler 2021-2027? Verifications

Trainer: Trevor Fenech
Last updated October 8, 2020
1 hour
2021 2027 / Verifications
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To-the-point information on the latest developments in the verification and certification of the ESI funds to the EC, highlighting the main elements distinguishing 14-20 from 21-27.  We will discuss the errors which still prevail and the verification methods which are being designed to control them, with special focus on eligibility, revenue generation, major projects and publicity.

Managing Authorities, First Level of Control Bodies, Intermediate Bodies, Certifying Authorities, Audit Authorities, Central Coordination Bodies, Methodology Departments, Central or Regional Ministries, officers carrying out verification checks.

What You'll Learn

Definition of Irregularities
Highlighting the main elements distinguishing 14-20 from 21-27
Discussing errors which still prevail