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Public Procurement during COVID-19: Options and flexibilities under the public procurement framework

Last updated October 8, 2020
COVID-19/ flexibilities/ medical supplies/ Procurement
COVID-19 is a health crisis that requires swift and smart solutions, along with an agile approach to secure the supply and provision of critical goods and services as supply chains are disrupted. Public buyers in the Member States are at the forefront for most of these goods and services. They have to ensure the availability of personal protective equipment such as face masks and protective gloves, medical devices, ventilators, other medical supplies, but also hospital and IT infrastructure, to name only a few.
At European level, the Commission and the Member States have already stepped up efforts by launching joint procurement actions for various medical supplies.  The Commission also provided guidance on which options and flexibilities are available under the EU public procurement framework for the purchase of the supplies, services, and works needed to address the crisis.  This live session analyses these methods in further detail.
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