Typical errors in EU-funded projects and how to fix them

Typical errors in EU-funded projects and how to fix them

5 June - 7 June 2023, COMO, Italy

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This new, updated seminar sheds light on the most common errors in the ESIF, EMFAF, EAFRD, AMIF, ISF and BMVI, by sharing the latest knowledge and experiences on errors and irregularities, whilst encouraging the application of principles and techniques for their solution. It addresses mitigation measures from all three angles – prevention, detection and correction – in the context of the concurrent closure of 2014-20 Programmes, roll-out of the new Programmes for 2021-27 and execution of the Recovery and Resilience Plans.

Course Highlight

  • Understanding the latest prevalence of errors and irregularities in ESIF, EMFAF, EAFRD, AMIF, ISF and BMVI;
  • Identifying the main causes of eligibility errors and discussing possible solutions;
  • Interpreting the impact of the new risk-based management verifications on the operations of the relevant Authorities and on the error rate;
  • Appreciating the role of simplification in reducing the risk of error;
  • Discussing typical errors in public procurement and what options could contribute to reducing error;
  • Interpreting public procurement errors and applying proportionate corrections, based on accepted standard principles;
  • Understanding how to treat errors during the closure of the 2014-20 Operational Programmes;
  • Reflecting on the relevance and impact of errors in the performance framework.


Delivering knowledge, experience and good feelings!

Trevor Fenech

Head of Institution

Ray Bartolo

Director - Lead Speaker


Our Plan for day 1 - 3


Timeline Plan

Monday 5th June 2023

Registration and distribution of training material


Introduction – Setting the objectives and expected outcomes

Facts and figures on errors and irregularities in EU-funded programmes across the EU – 2023 update
An overview of the most common errors and irregularities in Cohesion Policy and other Funds, as reported lately by the various EU institutions, including the European Court of Auditors, the European Commission and the European Anti-Fraud Office (OLAF).
Coffee Break

Major Error #1: Eligibility of projects & expenditure

The first specific theme of the seminar will focus on the most common error found in EU-funded projects. The issue of eligibility of projects and expenditure will be discussed in depth, through various examples, together with possible mitigation measures to reduce the risk.

11:45 -12:30
Practical workshop – Addressing eligibility errors in EU-funded projects
A workshop will follow, where participants will be presented with a case or series of cases for group discussion and presentation.


Error prevention – The case for Simplified Cost Options
Rather than detection, Simplified Cost Options and other simplified rules and procedures seek to improve prevention of error. This session discusses the strong inverse correlation between simplification and the error rate.
Coffee Break

WORKSHOP: Designing and implementing SCOs in practice

Participants will be presented with different cases to be discussed in groups, inviting discussion on daily problems with the implementation of projects based on real costs and SCOs.


Concluding remarks and wrap-up of Day 1


Timeline Plan

Tuesday 6th June 2023
Welcome coffee
Major Error #2: Public Procurement
Public procurement errors are a significant contributor to annual error rates. Here we discuss the most common causes and the preventive solutions available.
What financial correction should we apply?
An insight on the principles to apply when determining financial corrections to public procurement, drawing on European Commission guidelines.
Coffee Break
Practical workshop – Proportionate treatment of procurement errors in EU-funded projects
Acting on the principles and correction rates discussed in the previous session, a series of cases will be presented to participants for discussion and application of financial correction.
Closure of 2014-20 Programmes – Considerations on the treatment of irregularities in the final year
A discussion on eligibility at the impending closure of the 2014-20 programmes in 2024/25, the treatment of irregularities, amounts recoverable or withdrawn, irrecoverable amounts and the calculation of the final balance.

Coffee Break


Final discussion: Failure to reach Programme indicators – the other form of error

The panel addresses a series of situations having significant implications on the performance framework of a Programme, including serious failures in the achievement of financial and output indicators and non-functional projects.

Concluding remarks and wrap-up of Day 2


Timeline Plan

Thursday 8th March 2023 - EUfundingMalta Projects Expedition
08:30 - 09:00
Welcome Coffee
Risk-based management verifications – What is Risk?
Risk-based Management Verifications and proportionate controls
How will we verify ESIF, RRF, EAFRD, EMFAF, ISF/AMIF/BMVI projects in 21-27?
Coffee break
WORKSHOP: Risk-based Management Verifications and proportionate controls – Verifying ESIF, EAFRD, EMFAF and ISF/AMIF/BMVI projects in 21-27
Concluding remarks and distribution of certificates


2023 Training Programme

2023 Training Programme