Sprint Course: Programme Management for 2021-27

Sprint Course: Programme Management for 2021-27

25 Jan - 26 Jan 2023, Valletta, Malta

- Discounted Price (till 11 Jan 2023): EUR 1,000 (inclusive of all taxes)

- Normal Price (from 12 Jan 2023): EUR 1,200 (inclusive of all taxes)



Delivering knowledge, experience and good feelings!

Trevor Fenech

Head of Institution

Ray Bartolo

Director - Lead Speaker


Our Plan for day 1 - 2


Timeline Plan

Wednesday 25th January 2023

Registration and distribution of training material


Introduction – Overview of the agenda and the objectives


Selection of operations in 2021-27: building on the lessons learnt

As soon as the Programmes are approved, focus shifts to the first calls for project proposals. The first session discusses the challenges Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies face in publishing, appraising and selecting projects under the ESIF, EMFAF, AMIF, ISF, BMVI and EAFRD programmes. All whilst considering good practices from the past, including cost-benefit analysis and the new economic appraisal vademecum.

Coffee Break

Programme implementation: Eligibility of expenditure and gold plating

The issue of eligibility of projects and expenditure will be discussed in depth, through various examples, together with possible mitigation measures to reduce the risk.

11:45 -12:30

WORKSHOP: Addressing eligibility errors in EU-funded projects

A workshop will follow, where participants will be presented with a case or series of cases for group discussion and presentation.




Implementation: The power of simplification

During the afternoon we will appreciate the value of simplification in reducing errors and ‘implementation clutter’. Here we discuss the central principles of simplified cost options, the process to establish them and the off-the-shelf rates made available by the European Commission.


WORKSHOP: Applying the principles and Simplified Cost Options available

A practical session in which participants will interpret typical situations and apply the principles and options to simplify implementation, management and control.


Coffee Break


Discussion: Audit and Control Perspectives for 2021-27 (inc. RRF) following simplification

Rather than detection, Simplified Cost Options and other simplified rules and procedures seek to improve prevention of error. This session discusses the strong inverse correlation between simplification and the error rate.


Concluding remarks and wrap-up of Day 1


Dinner at Mdina/Rabat


Timeline Plan

Thursday 26th January 2023
Meeting near Barrakka Gardens, Valletta

Ferry to Birgu


Management Verifications: Risk Management in 21-27

The concept of risk management will take a prevalent role in the functioning of the internal control systems of MAs and IB. Here we take a closer look at the definition of risk, how to carry out a risk assessment and what possible risk mitigation measures to introduce.

Includes: A brief workshop during which participants will apply risk management principles and techniques into practice.


Coffee Break


Discussion: Audit work in 21-27 – Changes in scope of systems audits, audits of operations and audits of accounts

The audits, audit opinion and audit control report are essential to the annual clearance procedure for 2021-27. Here we discuss on the updates to the role of the Audit Authority and their audits in the next period.


The Accounting function: Payment Applications and the Accounts in 2021-27

An overview of the tasks of the accounting function and its importance in the context of the annual submissions.


WORKSHOP: Annual closure of the Accounts

Participants will be presented with different issues at closure of the Accounts and are invited to propose solutions ahead of the annual submission date, taking into account findings from management verifications, audits and other developments


Lunch at Birgu Waterfront, Vittoriosa


Inquisitor’s Palace Tour


Performance management: Monitoring, Evaluation & Data management in 2021-27

Annual performance reporting for AMIF, ISF and BMVI and the final report for the rest. Indicators tied exclusively to the performance framework. Real-time data on an open data platform. A mid-term review to allow adjustments to the Programmes mid-way through. This session discusses monitoring, evaluation, data and performance management for ESIF, EMFAF, AMIF/ISF/BMVI, EAFRD and the Recovery and Resilience Facility.

WORKSHOP: Communication, Publicity and Horizontal priorities in 2021-27
A practical session to discuss how the EC is prioritising horizontal principles and promoting publicity for the new programmes, with special mention to the contribution each must make towards the European Green Deal.

End of Day 2 and distribution of certificates


Ferry back to Valletta


2023 Training Programme

2023 Training Programme