Options and flexibilities under the public procurement framework

Guidance from the EC on using the public procurement framework in the emergency related to the COVID-19 crisis

Short Online Session - Options and flexibilities under the public procurement framework

January 29, 2021, Zoom Application

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COVID-19 is a health crisis that requires swift and smart solutions, along with an agile approach to secure the supply and provision of critical goods and services as supply chains are disrupted. Public buyers in the Member States are at the forefront for most of these goods and services. They have to ensure the availability of personal protective equipment such as face masks and protective gloves, medical devices, ventilators, other medical supplies, but also hospital and IT infrastructure, to name only a few.

At European level, the Commission and the Member States have already stepped up efforts by launching joint procurement actions for various medical supplies.  The Commission also provided guidance on which options and flexibilities are available under the EU public procurement framework for the purchase of the supplies, services, and works needed to address the crisis.  This live session analyses these methods in further detail.

Course Highlight

This short online seminar explains the following procurement procedures:

Option 1 – Negotiated Procedure without Prior Publication

Option 2 – Joint Procurement

Option 3 – Framework Agreements

Option 4 – Electronic Auctions

Option 5 – Reduced time-frames

Option 6 – Preliminary Market Consultation

Option 7 – Contract Modifications


Venue & Mode of delivery

The short online session will be delivered through the Zoom application (see https://zoom.us/), which may be downloaded either on a personal computer, laptop or smartphone. A reliable internet connection is important. Participants are encouraged to log in the link provided between 9:00-9:30AM (CET). Session starts playing at 9:30AM.


Target Audience

EU institutions; CF, ERDF, ESF+, EMFF, AMIF, ISF and EAFRD Managing Authorities, First Level of Control Bodies, Intermediate Bodies, Certifying Authorities, Audit Authorities, Central Coordination Bodies, Methodology Departments, Central or Regional Ministries, Procurement specialists, Finance Officers, Auditors, Methodology Departments, Irregularities officers


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Friday 29th January 2021

Connecting and setting up through Zoom


Options and flexibilities under the public procurement framework Reducing time-frames: How can Contracting Authorities avail themselves of possibilities to substantially reduce the deadlines to accelerate open or restricted procedures?



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