Financial Management and Audit of ESIF, AMIF/ISF/BMVI: Simplification for 2021-27

Financial Management and Audit of ESIF, AMIF/ISF/BMVI: Simplification for 2021-27

12 Oct - 14 Oct 2022, Dolmen Hotel Malta, Qawra

- Discounted Price (till 5 Oct 2022): EUR 1,349 (inclusive of all taxes)

- Normal Price (from 6 Oct 2022): EUR 1,499 (inclusive of all taxes)


Value for money. Accessible funds. Simplicity. Results.

Simpler, more straightforward regulations and procedures have been introduced over the past years, across the new Common Provision Regulation, the Recovery and Resilience Facility and other Funds and regulations.  These are measures to stop the buck and truly focus on what matters most – results that make the difference in people’s lives.

Simplified Cost Options are key in streamlining programme objectives with lean management and control.  They are effective solutions to excessive paperwork, delays in decision-making and complex monitoring and verification processes. Shifting to SCOs creates a culture shock that changes systems into more flexibility and less rigidity. It truly redefines the roles of all stakeholders in the field.

An SCO specialist from a national Managing Authority teams up with a renowned EU expert in delivering this new course that will provide an updated review of all the simplified cost options, through practical examples and comparisons. We will explore how to apply the principles available and discuss how they truly contribute towards better results.

Course Highlights

  • A detailed overview of the principles of SCOs for 2021-27;
  • Explaining the calculation methods for all SCO options available, considering the European Commission’s Guidance Notes on SCOs, and the reports on SCOs published by the various EU institutions (including DG Regio, DG Empl, the European Court of Auditors);
  • Applying fundamentals and options of SCO through practical examples from different Member States as well as project- and region-specific circumstances.
  • Understanding how draft budgets can be applied for smaller projects.
  • Assessing how the implementation of SCOs affects the work of Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies through real-life examples;
  • Hands on practise on how to apply SCOs to different cases presented;
  • Applying what has been learnt to practice by designing a personalised SCO structure;
  • Observing a variety of examples in the application of SCO across different Member States and different Funds, including ESIF, AMIF, ISF and BMVI funds;
  • Understanding the audits of SCOs and audit findings to date.

Venue & Accomodation


Dolmen Hotel Malta, Qawra

The training course will take place at the Dolmen Hotel Malta, in Qawra, St. Paul’s Bay. We are offering exclusive discounts to our participants who stay at the hotel:

Room Rate on Bed and Breakfast basis: €108.00 

Kindly contact for further information.

Target Audience

Managing Authorities, First Level of Control Bodies, Intermediate Bodies, Certifying Authorities, Audit Authorities, Central Coordination Bodies, Methodology Departments, Central or Regional Ministries, officers/managers dealing with Simplified Cost Options.


Delivering knowledge, experience and good feelings!

Ray Bartolo

Director - Lead Speaker

Trevor Fenech

Head of Institution


Our Plan for day 1 - 3


Timeline Plan

Wednesday 12th October 2022

Main facilitator for the day: An Expert from a Managing Authority of an EU Member State, with 10 years’ experience in the design and implementation of SCO.


Registration and distribution of training material


Introduction – Overview of the agenda and the objectives


SCOs – Back to Basics!

The seminar kicks off with a detailed overview of the principles of Simplified Cost Options (SCO) for 2021-27, explaining the characteristics of each option (inc. flat rates, lump sums, unit costs and financing not linked to costs) and comparing them with those available in the 2014-20 period.

Coffee Break

Drawing up SCOs off the EC menu

Here we take a look at the process for the establishment of SCO, the off-the-shelf rates made available by the European Commission, SCO from existing national or EU schemes and other EU-level SCOs.

11:45 -12:30

Workshop – Applying the principles and options available

 A practical session in which participants will interpret a situation and apply the principles and options to simplify implementation, management and control.




Using historical data and expert advice

Following the thorough discussion on the generic options in the previous session, our focus now shifts on how we can use SCOs for a project- or region-specific circumstance which needs customization. Here we discuss historic data, objective information and expert advice, drawing on examples.


Coffee Break


The case for Draft Budgets

The last session of the day focuses on the concept of draft budgets for smaller projects, referring to cases implemented in Malta and other Member States.


Concluding remarks and wrap-up of Day 1


Timeline Plan

Thursday 13th October 2022
Welcome coffee

Sharing of experience: Good and Bad Practices on SCOs

Today’s sessions are all about practice. Our facilitator will take us through his experiences on the implementation of SCOs by different Managing Authorities and Intermediate Bodies across the EU, discussing the good and bad examples he’s seen.

Coffee Break

Findings from the Audit Authorities

This session addresses the audit of SCOs and some major findings reported by AAs in different Member States


Workshop 1: Designing and Implementing SCOs in practice

Participants will be presented with different cases to be discussed in groups, inviting discussion on daily problems with the implementation of projects based on real costs and SCOs.


Open discussion on the cases of Workshop 1


Workshop 2: Designing your own SCO structure for your needs

This will be an opportunity for participants to present their own particular case relating to their workplace and propose the SCO structure they would implement.


Coffee Break


Final discussion on the situations and proposals identified in Workshop 2

Concluding remarks and wrap-up of Day 2


Timeline Plan

Friday 14th October 2022 - EUfundingGozo Projects Expedition
Meeting in front of Venue
CF 125: Salina Road Project
CF 118: Rehabilitation of Maghtab Landfills
CF 198 –Cirkewwa Ferry Terminal
ERDF 31 – Upgrading of Zewwieqa Waterfront
ERDF 32 – Ggantija Temples Conservation Project
ERDF 24 – Upgrading of Villa Rundle Gardens
CF – Restoration and Upgrading of Mgarr-Victoria Link
ERDF 142 – Developing a cultural and historical eco-museum
ERDF 246 –Implementing of Cittadella Masterplan
Returning to Venue


2023 Training Programme

2023 Training Programme