2021 Training Programme

A programme of events built on the latest regulations, guidance notes and our most recent experiences as advisors on the management and control of EU-funded programmes and projects.

June 2021


June 14-18
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Part I: Step by step approach on how to carry out effective administrative and on the spot checks

Part II: Carrying out in depth verification of public procurement procedures

July 2021


July 5-9
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Part I: 2014-2020: lessons learnt, but what? result orientation, verifications, evaluations

Part II: 2021-2027: simplification, but how? programming, payments, sampling, monitoring

July 2021

ROME, Italy

July 21-23
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This course revisits the entire process carried out in the preparation of a Major Project application for the main water utility supplier in Malta.

September 2021


September 15-17
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This seminar sheds light on the continuous struggle in the management of EU-funded programmes, where the ever stronger calls for more results are continuously met by challenging control and compliance arguments.

October 2021

DUBLIN, Ireland

October 6-8
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This course will give you all the essential knowledge and skills to manage, control and evaluate EU-funded programmes, at all levels.

November 2021


November 1-5
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Part I: Common irregularities: prevent, correct, report, reduce

Part II: Case studies: Going through the EC, ECA & OLAF Audit findings

December 2021

PRAGUE, Czech Republic

December 8-10
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This course explains all the SCOs and Financial Instruments available, with practical examples which clearly define the differences with real-cost reimbursement.

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2021 Training Programme


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