e-tendering & Contract management services

Advisory services that we offer

Tender Management

We use our experience to interpret the Public Procurement directives and regulations and put them to practice for Contracting Authorities.

Several ministries, public departments, entities and local councils have sought our services to prepare tendering documents for open, negotiated and restricted procedures, competitive procedures with negotiation, competitive dialogues, innovation partnerships, public-private partnerships (PPPs) and concessions.

What does tender management consist of?

If you are a public body (contracting authority), we draft your tender documents and forms, administer the tendering procedure, coordinate liaison with the Department of Contracts or other key stakeholders, create and organise the tender profile on the Electronic Tendering platform www.etenders.gov.mt, and provide expert advice along the way.

If you are a private company, self-employed person or non-profit organisation, we can draft your tender offers/quotations, give you guidance with best practice tips and assist you in the administration of your contracts.