Applying for funds and managing projects

Advisory services offered

There are several opportunities to assist you in funding your ideas.  We are here to help you identify the right channels to suit your needs, prepare and submit the application forms, business plans and any other requirements, and, when successful, work with you to realise your plans with the utmost accountability and governance.

Applying for funding

We lead you all the way with expert advice built on extensive experience as advisors to Government and our former employment with the public service, engaged in matters of direct interest to public funding.

Our portfolio of clients ranges across these sectors: water, energy, tourism, health, culture, transport, agriculture, fisheries, migration and asylum, internal security, hospitality and manufacturing.  These have applied for either EU or national funding schemes, including ERDF, ESF, Cohesion Fund, EAFRD (agriculture), EMFF (fisheries), AMIF (migration), ISF (internal security), LIFE, Creative Europe, schemes for the voluntary organisations, schemes administered by Malta Enterprise (e.g. Investment Aid), and the Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes (see below).


Business Enhance ERDF Grant Schemes

The Business Enhance Grant Schemes provide non-refundable grants which are financed through the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF). These are available to private enterprises, namely SMEs. Under the current Programming Period for 2014-2020, these schemes are being managed and issued by the Measures and Support Division which falls under the remit of the Ministry for European Affairs. The below are a few of the available grant schemes:

For further information on each scheme please click on the relevant schemes listed above.

More on the application process!

We assist you on any EU or national funding schemes, whether it’s private manufacturing, services, leisure, hospitality, agriculture or public infrastructure, training and employment.  The sectors are diverse, just like the opportunities.

The application process starts off with an eligibility check.  We do not advise in favour of any schemes unless your entity or activity qualifies for assistance under the respective criteria.  This is an essential step, also in identifying which scheme is best for you.

Following discussions about your project ideas, we embark on the research and application writing stages, shaping your project ideas to fit within the objectives of the funding programme selected.

Apart from the application form, some schemes require a complementary business plan, marketing plan or any other relevant study.  We can help you in preparing these studies and also in getting them funded.

After leading the application process and submitting the application, we offer our project management and administration services to ensure compliance with the rules and conditions in the grant agreement (contract) and a successful project implementation..

For further details or to set up an obligation-free meeting, please contact Justine on .

Project Management and Administration

Projects are subject to tight scrutiny by the Commission, national authorities and auditors.

Sound financial and performance management are essential for the long-term success of a publicly funded project.  We know what standards of quality and organization are expected of project management and administration. We also understand the frustrations in handling all this.

Your ideas and technical capabilities should not get entangled in undesirable paperwork and financial corrections. So take care of what really counts, we’ll see to the distractions.



If a project is to use public funds, then it must address deliver added value on the achievement of national or EU priorities and objectives.

So most applications need to be backed up by studies as evidence.  We can help.

We collect the data, analyse it, and prepare the reports that give you the hard evidence to support your proposal for funding. We prepare feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses (CBA), business plans and other studies, also backed up by the knowledge and experience gained in the evaluation of project proposals during our time as public officers.