DUBLIN, Ireland

Principles of Simplified Cost options & Financial Instruments

October 28-30

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Options and flexibilities under the public procurement framework

November 4


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Dublin, Ireland

On the land of lepricorns and Guinness, rediscover the origins of a European success story.

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Ray Bartolo

Ray is Head and co-Founder of EuropeanFunds.info.

Trevor Fenech

Trevor is Lead Speaker and co-Founder of EuropeanFunds.info.

Justine Schinas

Justine Schinas is Senior Advisor and Speaker at EuropeanFunds.info.

Katya Bartolo Lautier

Katya Bartolo Lautier is Operations Manager at EuropeanFunds.info.

Lara Fenech

Lara Fenech is Financial Controller at EuropeanFunds.info.


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