Upcoming || Seminar on Financial Corrections

Public Procurement Workshop - Applying Financial Corrections 

26-28 October 2016, Hilton Malta Hotel

Price: EUR 1,499 (incl VAT)

Register by 5th October and pay EUR 1,349 (incl VAT)


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Course Highlights

i. Discussing the main tools and techniques available for the prevention and detection of errors 

ii. Overviewing the financial corrections in the 2014-20 regulatory package 

iii. Introducing the main guidance tool for the application of financial corrections

iv. Examining and discussing different practical cases related to errors in the planning, tendering, selection and contracting stages of any procurement procedure

v. Reviewing reports from various Member States on the application of financial corrections to errors

vi. Analysing the withdrawals and recoveries procedures to treat errors

vii. Discussing how the new Public Procurement Directives addresses the common errors of the past